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Pre-Op Instructions

Thank you for trusting Gordon Ophthalmology Surgical Associates with your upcoming procedure. We take pride in making your surgical experience as pleasant as we can. To ensure a stress-free experience, please read the following pre-operative instructions.

  • The day before your procedure, our surgical team will contact you to confirm your arrival time and answer any questions you may have. Please let us know the best way to contact you the day before your surgery.
  • If you must cancel your procedure for any reason, call our offices immediately.
  • Please double-check that any tests required by your surgeon are completed prior to surgery.
  • It is important you follow your physician’s orders regarding proper medication dosage and intake before your procedure. If you have been asked to stay NPO (nothing by mouth), please do so.
  • Diabetic patients may require additional pre-op instructions; please consult with Dr. Gordon and his team prior to surgery.
  • Please remember to bring all your insurance information, including Medicare and any other supplemental insurance.
  • Be comfortable! Wear casual clothing and avoid ill-fitting shoes. Leave jewelry and all other valuable items at home.
  • Hearing aids, inhalers, and eyeglasses are all perfectly fine to bring with you the day of your procedure.
  • NJ State regulations (as well as our concern for your safety) dictate that you may not drive home alone if you have had anesthesia. Make sure to appoint someone to drive you home, as medication and anesthesia will reduce your reaction time.

If you have any further questions we have not answered on this page, please contact Gordon Ophthalmology Surgical Associates at (732) 545-0362 in advance of your procedure. Thank you for choosing us; we promise to make your visit a smooth and successful one.

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