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Cataract Evaluations and Surgery

A cataract occurs when there is a clouding of the natural crystalline lens of the eye, which blurs vision. After papillary dilation, slit lamp microscopic examination is used to detect the presence of cataract. This is the prime manner in which the degree of cataract present can be ascertained.

At this point it is essential to evaluate other simultaneous ocular diseases, such as macula degeneration; knowledge of coexisting eye disease is critical for determining whether cataract surgery alone will result in significant visual improvement. Finally, lifestyle visual needs are discussed in order to make a final judgement as to whether one should proceed with cataract surgery.

After the decision to proceed with cataract surgery is made, discussion as to the type of intraocular lens to implant during surgery is initiated. The pros and cons of the various lens implant types, such as standard, multimodal, and accommodating is fully discussed. Preoperative preparations, such as eye drops required prior to surgery, logistics of preoperative medical clearance, and choosing a date for surgery are completed during a consultation with our surgical coordinator.

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